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Borderline Personality Disorder, like other personality disorders, according to DSM, has its own characteristic diagnostic criteria, of which 4 groups of symptoms can be distinguished as the main ones: 1. emotional instability - fast switching of strong emotions: strong anger, strong anxiety, strong sadness, strong destroying shame and guilt 2. interpersonal chaos - tense, conflict, chaotic relationships, with elements of violence, relationships bring more suffering and stress than positive emotions. 3. impulsive behavior - drug addiction, alcoholism, drunk driving, promiscuity, anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, parasuicidal behavior 4. diffuse identity, chronic boredom and a feeling of emptiness, an ongoing existential crisis. The occurrence of borderline personality disorder is influenced by such factors of education as: physical, sexual violence, severe neglect, control with disability, the beginning of injuries up to 3 years. There are 3 types of families that generate PRL: chaotic, perfectionist, typical. The only treatment for PRD with scientifically proven efficacy is dialectic-behavioral psychotherapy of borderline personality disorder, developed by Marsha Lainen. For self-help, you need to understand the following principles: 1. radical self-acceptance 2. mastering 3 basic mental skills 3. validation 3. Challenging automatic negative thoughts that cause strong emotions. About how to properly apply these points and what they mean by themselves, I talk in detail in the video. If my videos were useful to you, and you want to thank me, you can make a donation: 1. https://donatepay.ru/don/streletskaya 2. On Yandex. Wallet 410014011220528 3.bitcoin: 14WckknYyqmewLgyQ1Vnvt52arURkqryQ2 4. https://www.patreon.com/strelochka


пограничное расстройство личности
Borderline Personality Disorder
марша лайнен
диалектико-поведенческая психотерапия